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Flux CD

Deploying helm charts in Nephio using Flux CD

Flux CD provides a set of Kubernetes controllers to enable a GitOps driven deployment of helm charts.

In this example, we deploy the flux helm and source controllers via a kpt package to the target workload cluster.

Then, we can utilize the flux Custom Resources defined in another test kpt package to deploy an example helm chart.


Deploying the flux-helm-controllers pkg

Access the Nephio Web UI and execute the following:

We will deploy the flux-helm-controllers pkg from the nephio-example-packages repo to the edge02 workload cluster.

  • Step 1

Install flux controllers - Step 1

  • Step 2

Install flux controllers - Step 2

  • Step 3

Install flux controllers - Step 3

Click through the Next button until you are through all the steps, leaving all options as default, then click Create Deployment.

  • Step 4

Install flux controllers - Step 4

At this point, we can take a closer look at the contents of the kpt package which contains the relevant kubernetes resources to deploy the controllers.

NOTE: We are deploying into the flux-system namespace by default.

Finally, we need to propose and then approve the pkg to initialize the deployment.

  • Step 5

Install flux controllers - Step 5

  • Step 6

Install flux controllers - Step 6

Shortly thereafter, you should see flux helm and source controllers in the flux-system namespace:

kubectl get po --context edge02-admin@edge02 -n flux-system
The output is similar to:
NAME                                 READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
helm-controller-cccc87cc-zqnd6       1/1     Running   0          6m20s
source-controller-5756bf7d48-hprkn   1/1     Running   0          6m20s

Deploying the onlineboutique-flux pkg

To make the demo kpt packages available in Nephio, we need to register a new External Blueprintsrepository. We can do this via kubectl towards the management cluster.

cat << EOF | kubectl apply -f - 
kind: Repository
  name: nordix-nephio-packages
  namespace: default
  labels: read-only external-blueprints
  content: Package
  deployment: false
    branch: master
    directory: /packages
  type: git


The new repository should now have been added to the External Blueprints section of the UI.

External Blueprints UI

From here, we can see the onlineboutique-flux pkg to be deployed.

online boutique pkg

The HelmRepository Custom Resource within the kpt pkg refers to the official online boutique helm charts repo.

HelmRepo online boutique ref

To deploy the pkg, repeat/follow Steps 1 - 6 from above, replacing Step 3 with the following. Take note of the source repo and the package to be deployed.

Add acm pkg

NOTE: The overrides online-boutique-values ConfigMap in the package refers to the default values.yaml for the chart and can be customized prior to pkg approval.

Shortly thereafter, you should see the online boutique components deployed in the online-boutique namespace:

kubectl get po --context edge02-admin@edge02 -n online-boutique
The output is similar to:
NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
adservice-5464cc8db4-p9sm2               1/1     Running   0          37s
cartservice-6458db7c7c-4scnh             1/1     Running   0          37s
checkoutservice-55b497bfb8-4x8jj         1/1     Running   0          37s
currencyservice-6f868d85d8-fgq6t         1/1     Running   0          37s
emailservice-5cf5fc5898-wzmz8            1/1     Running   0          37s
frontend-56bd99cb9b-thps4                1/1     Running   0          37s
loadgenerator-796b7d99dd-894gx           1/1     Running   0          37s
paymentservice-5ff68d9c7d-74q7c          1/1     Running   0          37s
productcatalogservice-6d9568bddb-8z66q   1/1     Running   0          37s
recommendationservice-c58857d6-qwrkd     1/1     Running   0          37s
redis-cart-7495b4ff99-gbq4m              1/1     Running   0          37s
shippingservice-6f65f85b8b-j5c28         1/1     Running   0          37s